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Our demands

General Demands: We demand…

A quick and far-reaching change of the cultural, social, political and economic circumstances responsible for the current climate crisis.

A swift and complete withdrawal from fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas), nuclear energy and any other unsustainable, ecologically devastating or human rights infringing technologies.

An immediate ban on the import and trade of fossil commodities. A transition away from capitalism and toward a just, solidary and sustainable economic system, without the exploitation of human, animal or nature and that aims to address the needs and well-being of humankind, ends poverty and inequality and protects common property.

An ethical, balanced and responsible use of land, water, commodities, energy and any other natural resources in the interest of a sustainable planet for all living beings and future generations.

That rich industrial nations, such as Switzerland, in the interest of climate justice…

  • recognise their special responsibility for the causes of the climate crisis.
  • perceive their special responsibility for a swift lowering of the gas emissions to zero.
  • rectify the immense societal and economic damages of the climate crisis on the entire world.

A social and just ecological reorganisation that guarantees a social and economic safeguard for everyone affected by the transitory processes toward a fossil free society.

Concrete Demands for a Climate-Just Financial Sector: We demand…

That Swiss financial centres keep to the Paris Agreement immediately and adjust their financial flow toward climate-just progress.

An immediate halt of all financing of and investments in projects and enterprises that are connected to ecologically devastating technologies, especially projects that involve or rely on the extraction, redevelopment, processing or burning of oil, gas and coal.

An immediate halt of all financing of and investments in projects and enterprises that violate human rights and particularly disregard the following points:

  • The right to self-determination
  • The right to an intact environment
  • The right to health
  • The right to food safety
  • The right to free access toward clean water and any other vital resources
  • The right to fair working conditions
  • The prohibition of slavery and child labour
  • The prohibition of discrimination
  • The fair access to societal resources
  • The rights of indigenous peoples

The immediate disclosure of all investments made by banks, insurance companies and pension funds, as well as the profits gained from said investments, particularly of all ecologically devastating and human rights infringing business dealings.

A financial sector whose activities are oriented toward the common good and whose activities, under the strict adherence of social and economic goals, aim to

  • Improve the living standard of the population
  • Develop sustainable and just markets
  • Fight climate change and any kind of environmental destruction
  • Withdraw from both nuclear energy and arms trade
  • Eliminate corruption and tax evasion
  • Avoid human rights violations

A radical democratisation of the financial sector, where every person affected is involved in both the fixing of social and ecological goals and the control of the financial sector.