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Packing List 2019

In order to be well equipped at the action days it is advised to bring the following:

  • sturdy footwear 
  • robust clothing, not too warm but protecting from the sun
  • umbrella against the sun
  • sun screen (if possible the non-polluting kind)
  • water bottle(s)
  • sleeping bag
  • camping mat
  • if possible snacks like nuts, dried fruit, chocolate bars
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight or even better, a headlamp
  • banners or old bedsheets/other material to paint banners during camp
  • resilient musical instruments
  • and – no joke – a potted plant or something similar…

For the camp you’ll be needing:

  • sleeping bag
  • camping mat
  • tent

Before the action days, after the action plenum, you will receive: 

  • the popular white suits 
  • and all necessary information.

Any questions? simply write to